You will see, smell and feel the passion that has been put into this product. We are real believers in the idea that you are what you put on your skin. Let Flora Apothecary create peace and well being for your skin care needs so you can feel good knowing that Floral Apothecary is good for your mind, body
and soul.
Handmade in Phoenix, AZ


Founded in 2010, Flora Apothecary is a clean, all natural, non-toxic, vegan bath product and skin care line. There are no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, or dyes  in our products.

At Flora Apothecary, we've studied the effects of natural oils, botanicals, and aromas and how they affect mood and health, and have applied that knowledge into crafting handmade bath products. Our products are made with herbs and botanicals to heal and rejuvenate the body, and return your skin to its optimal health. Our line is designed to promote inner healing and outside beauty through aromatherapy, and the natural essence of floral, plant, and herbal ingredients.

Everything is hand-made in small batches in our studio in Arizona to ensure freshness and quality.

Our mission is not only to bring you an artisan body product line that is clean, simple and affordable, but to also add an air of luxury to the everyday cleansing ritual. We didn't invent soap, but we do add splendor to the everyday bar.