What People are Saying

"I have recently had the privilege to test a new product launching from Flora, called Prana. I had a dermal microneedling face regeneration and needed an excellent oil to help heal and stimulate healing that was also gentle. Prana Face Oil was a fabulous find and was perfect for my spicey skin and neck as it healed. I have used it day and night as a moisturizer and under makeup as a base for my foundation. Thanks Flora!"


"The natural oils makes my skin radiant! I use it both morning and night, after I wash my face, and before I apply moisturizer. Since I have started this routine with Prana Face Oil, people have been complimenting my skin! I tell them it's because of this potent serum- Game changer! Thank you Flora Apothecary for helping nourish my skin!"


"I decided to try Prana on my BIGGEST problem area, my arms.  Years of living in the desert, laying out in the Arizona sun with red hair and freckles caught up with me as I aged. I have been using Prana oil on my arms for several weeks now and the wrinkle lines have become less pronounced and the texture improved greatly.  I have also been using it on my neck and I can already see a difference. It is a great product because although it appears oily, it goes into the skin rapidly without leaving an oily residue. I am a fan of Prana and it has become an important part of my skincare regime."