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Behind the scenes of #FloraFemmaFatale

The making of the Flora Femme Fatale campaign has been nothing short of incredible. In anticipation of a new product launch and to share the brands story, Flora Apothecary enlisted a band of true artist to come together to depict the heart and soul of Flora.

The #FloraFemmeFatale we created  is an alchemist, foraging raw materials from the earth to represent this mythical, earth-based beauty who combines elements to create healing elixirs, soothing scented salves and sprays.

The idea with our character is to represent the story and message of Flora Apothecary. We envisioned her in her workshop surrounded by raw elements- forged and found. Each element filmed - dew forming on her back, frozen blooms, crushed crystals and stones- all representing the message of restoration and beauty.

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of the new campaign. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see the story unfold in its entirety. 

Shop the Product line: Flora Apothecary 

Photographer: Ale Vidal

Styling: Beautilitarian

Floral styling : Hoot & Holler 

Product / prop styling: Fawn DeViney

Make up: SN Makeup Artist

Model/ Flora Femme Fatale :Taylor Howard 

BTS photos by Sadiqa