The End Of An Era For Me, The Start Of One For You.

It is with a heavy yet peaceful heart that I write this letter to you, my biggest supporters. It is because of you that over the last 4 years I have been able to take my dream of creating clean skin care and educating the public on its importance a reality and successful business.  As you all know I have put in so much love, hard work, and sleepless nights to create Flora Apothecary, and still being able to stick to my mission of bringing you clean, simple, luxurious, and affordable skin care. I have loved every second, and every up and every down. Flora Apothecary continues to grow, and remains successful because of you. So with a warm heart and a huge smile, I thank you.
With that, this letter is to also inform you of my decision to sell Flora Apothecary.  Life has blessed me with a new role and a new job! The CEO of motherhood.  I couldn’t not be more thankful for the incredible blessing of this new role. The love I have gained from becoming a mother is overwhelming and all consuming. Over the last 6 months I have been at a major crossroads of how to be the best mother, the best wife, and the best owner of Flora Apothecary. It has been challenging, to say the least, to manage it all while keeping balance and peace in my life. I do firmly believe that family is everything and I want to be able to give my family my all. This decision was extremely hard to make, but I do feel is the right one for me.

It is my goal to find a new owner that can step in and not miss a beat. Flora has a plethora of loyal customers and incredible retail accounts that will need their Flora Apothecary orders filled.  On top of that we are at the beginning of the busiest time of year for Flora. 

There is great potential and great reward awaiting the next Flora leader. I have several shows booked this season including the Phoenix Flea and Believe Boutique. I am also in discussions with Made Well to pop up in their Kierland store. To all the Flora fans do not fret! I will still be fulfilling orders and maintaining the business until the new owner takes over. You can still get your Flora fix anytime!

If you have ever thought of starting your own business but did not know where to start, this could be your opportunity to step in and hit the ground running. Or if you currently own a business, perhaps in a similar arena as Flora Apothecary, this could be a great opportunity to add an extension to your company.
Nonetheless, I know that the next Flora leader is sitting at their computer or phone reading this message, and I am so excited to pass the torch on to you.
If you or someone you know is interested in discussing details, let’s talk!

All my best to all of you,
Nikki Wangler

Posted on September 24, 2015 .

What's in Your Make-Up Bag, Nikki?

Hey there, Flora Femme Fatales!

It's not everyday you get to peek into the makeup bag of one of your favorite gals, right? This week, I took a look into 'Flora' alchemist & founder Nikki Wanglers makeup bag... Here's what I found...  

1. La tierra sagrada sea salt spray -  Perfect for summer days when you do not want to do your hair. Gives you an awesome beach-y hair look and is super healing! 

2. Poppy and Someday lavender salve is a must! All purpose for everyone. I use it on cuts, dry hands, lips and little Greysons behind.

3. Cle De Peau Concealer is the concealer of all concealers! There is nothing out there like it. It has incredible coverage, which this sleepy new mommy needs!

4.The makeup bag itself is by Arizona based Andrea Peterson, one of my favorite artists! I love how she takes her incredible work and turns it into everyday goods- makeup bags, coin purses, tote bags, etc.  

5. Padma facial elixir by Flora Apothecary- Cant leave home without and it's a summer staple! It soothes, nourishes and moisturizes my skin instantaneously. I spray it after a good work out or yoga class. I set my makeup with it. I basically spray it on all day long to keep my skin youthful and vibrant in this rough desert summer.

6. InTune essential oil blend by Doterra- Helps me keep my focus, remain calm, and have clarity.

7. M.A.C Cream Sheen Lip Gloss- Feels super glossy on the lips and gives a great classic look. I can wear this with concealer and mascara and look glamours even when running errands. 

8. Citrine crystal necklace- Always attracting abundance and success in all avenues of my life!

9. ...and since I have a sweet little baby boy, I always have to have a pacifier with me!

10. My saving grace with teething has been the Uriel Amber and Amethyst teething lotion! Its made of crystals, stone, essential oils and works Wonders!!

Whats in your makeup bag?

Posted on August 6, 2015 .

Behind the scenes of #FloraFemmaFatale

The making of the Flora Femme Fatale campaign has been nothing short of incredible. In anticipation of a new product launch and to share the brands story, Flora Apothecary enlisted a band of true artist to come together to depict the heart and soul of Flora.

The #FloraFemmeFatale we created  is an alchemist, foraging raw materials from the earth to represent this mythical, earth-based beauty who combines elements to create healing elixirs, soothing scented salves and sprays.

The idea with our character is to represent the story and message of Flora Apothecary. We envisioned her in her workshop surrounded by raw elements- forged and found. Each element filmed - dew forming on her back, frozen blooms, crushed crystals and stones- all representing the message of restoration and beauty.

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of the new campaign. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see the story unfold in its entirety. 

Shop the Product line: Flora Apothecary 

Photographer: Ale Vidal

Styling: Beautilitarian

Floral styling : Hoot & Holler 

Product / prop styling: Fawn DeViney

Make up: SN Makeup Artist

Model/ Flora Femme Fatale :Taylor Howard 

BTS photos by Sadiqa


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